eclipse_n2_lust (eclipse_n2_lust) wrote,

hmmm i wonder

i dont really kno whats goin on between me and jared.  i told him i was sorry and that i loved him and i was over it... and he didnt say ne thing back to me.  and he hasnt called me or anything... id call him but i dont kno if hes mad at me or not... and i dont wanna ask cause everyone hates it when ashton asks if someone is mad at her... so i dont really kno how to approach this.  anthony said he was ok but then i talked to him on aim and he definately wasnt ok.  idk what to do.  blah!! i have work in 30 min but im in the library now so i just have to walk like 30 ft and im there.  

im starting to get ansy about this house thing... dont get me wrong i want to live with anthony and jared, but we need to find a place soon... cause if something doesnt go right i need time to renew my lease, and that date is comming up faster than i realize.   nicole told me that ucf housing services can help us find a house off campus, non-affilated, and that can meet all of our needs... we just need to go see them tho.  and with all of our conflicting schedules i dont kno how possible it might be.  i dont kno what to do... well i guess i better head over to work soon.  

**jared, will u please txt me or call me to let me kno whats goin on with you?  i dont want to sound like ashton so im only going to say this once, are u still mad at me? **


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