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i wrote a meaningful post about my birthday and who my true friends are and it fucking deleted it.... so instead im going to put the first page of my new story that im writing on here.  anthony, as a writer... let me know what you think.  im only showing everyone the first page cause it doesnt give away too much, but its enough to make you want more.  so here it goes... have fun and let your imagination run wild.... 


Kristine has always been looked upon with fear and desire, so it wasn’t unusual when the new girl sat down next to her with a frightened and curious look on her face.  Kristine looked upon her with mild curiosity and decided that she’s beautiful but odd looking.  She had a defined jaw line with a slender neck.  Her rosy lips were thick and pouty and curved up on the sides.  She had cute dimples in her smooth, flawless beige cheeks.  Her thin pointed nose set her face in angular beauty.  Oh, her eyes were the most gorgeous Kristine had ever seen; pale blue.  She had never seen such icy blue eyes look so warm.  And then there was her hair.  Her caramel, honey blonde hair cascaded down her back in flowing, wavy curls.  She sat in her desk with great posture facing forward waiting for the teacher to begin.  As Kristine looked back toward Mr. Frazier, she smiled to herself and thought of what a great conquest was to come.


Katherine had never been so intimidated by one person in her entire life, so when she took her new seat, she tried so hard not to return the gaze cast upon her by the so-called ever elusive Kristine.  She had been forewarned about Kristine’s fearful beautiful appearance.  She was told that she would know when she met Kristine.  Kristine was the kind of girl who stood out like a statue in a crowd of moving people.  As soon as Kristine looked away the teacher put his name on the board and began his spiel about something dealing with chemistry.  Apparently his name is Mr. Frazier and he’s from England or Australia; she wasn’t paying any attention to the words themselves, just sounds.  She was too captivated in awe of Kristine’s divine features to pay any attention to the words that were uttered by Frazier.  Kristine glowed in the florescent lights of the dingy classroom.   She had never met anyone who had such magnificent pale skin.  It almost looked cold and hard like marble and Katherine felt the urge to reach out to see if her conclusions were correct.  She had broad shoulders and a defined collarbone and neck line.  Her actual neck was long and slender and gave her the appearance of someone with importance.  Her head was exactly proportional to the rest of her splendid body and her facial features looked liked they were carved straight from a Roman statue.  She had a round face with supple cheeks.  From the side, her chin, lips, and nose all ended at the same distance from her face.  Her lips were plump and the color of blood.  If she hadn’t been so close, she would have thought she was wearing lipstick.  Kristine’s nose was about the same as her own and flared out as her eyes darted sideways to meet Katherine’s own eyes.  She was mortified at the thought of being caught staring, so when Kristine smiled an audible gasp escaped Katherine’s mouth.  Her eyes weren’t like anything she had ever seen before.  At first she saw, large pupils and irises the color of black coffee, but when she smiled they changed so instantly, she couldn’t stifle her gasp.  Such a drastic change was impossible, but it happened.  As she stared into those sparkling, emerald eyes, she felt her lips part and a silent “oh” slithered out and some how reached Kristine’s ears for she smiled wider and the corners of her eyes crinkled with warmth.  Katherine finally broke the stare and gazed back toward the teacher.  She could still see Kristine in her peripheral vision so when Kristine returned her gaze to the teacher, Katherine chanced another glimpse at Kristine.  Her hair was chocolate brown and glossier than the newly waxed floors in the halls.  She was completely dumbfounded by Kristine’s goddess-like beauty.  The bell rang signaling the end of class and Katherine jumped out of her seat, nearly flipping her desk.  Everyone turned quickly toward the loud noise but she was half way to the door with her backpack flung over her shoulder. 



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