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Drabbles, Rambles, and Long-Ass Stories

...Read at your own risk... seriously

I hate being left alone when im happy; I love being left alone when im angry; I hate when people drive like idiots; I love being cuddled with; I hate when people call you and then tell you to hold on when you answer; I love when i get kissed on the forhead when im sad (or in general); I hate when people pace; I love when my friends tell me that they love me in person (not in IM); I hate lip gloss; I love when water is barely covering my face; I hate when people hurt my friends emotionaly; I love hot, hot showers; I hate being left out of things; I love being in college; I hate when all my friends go somewhere and im not invited; I love making out; I hate when its hot in a room; I love when it rains; I hate the summer; I love to shock people; I hate when people ignore me while im telling stories; I love horses and going on trail rides; I hate when people point out someone average-sized and call them fat; I love the tingle on my lips right before i kiss someone; I hate when people come to me and tell me they are fat; I love staring into people's eyes; I hate when people dont look at me when i talk to them; I love girls and guys; I hate homophobes and racists; I love partying and being drunk!! yay u kno so much about me now!!